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KNOW HOW: A Reefer or an Insulated Container. Which one are you looking for?

Refrigerated Shipping Containers are popularly known as ‘Reefers’. They are the large refrigerators which can even store a whole human being inside of them. These large refrigerators come in different lengths and are electric powered. They are fit for almost all the businesses and trades. Be it food business or pharmaceuticals, refrigerated shipping containers are ideal in almost any business activity. The contribution of Reefers to the international trade can be seen through this question and the answer thereafter. Have you ever wondered how you are always able to find non-seasonal fruits and vegetables? Here is your answer, the Reefers keep a sub zero temperature and the edibles (fruits and vegetables) are frozen, thus keeping them fresh and making them readily available even in the non seasons. Such is the story of the Reefers. Let’s see what an Insulated Container is and how it is different from a Reefer.

Insulated Shipping Containers work on the mechanism of maintaining moderate temperature for the goods inside. They do not allow any exchange of air i.e. the air inside cannot get out and the outer air cannot get in. It is completely airtight and thus prevents buckling of the goods stored inside. Once inside the insulated shipping container, no type of goods can rot or decay or get affected by external factors whatsoever.  All the valuables are safe and secure in an insulated shipping container.

 The Insulated Shipping Containers are different from Reefers (Refrigerated Shipping Containers) as Reefers are meant to stay at sub zero while Insulated Shipping Containers work on the mechanism of retaining consistent temperature.  Both, Insulated Containers and Reefers come in different sizes and shapes. You just need to decide which one you would like to buy according to your needs and requirements. You can buy new/used Insulated container or Reefer from BOSS Containers. We give great discounts and offers. You might get lucky.