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KNOW HOW: Reefer Container

reefer container

Reefer container is used for transporting goods that needs temperature control so if you have perishable items that needs to be transported, you will need to have a reefer container. At boss containers, you can ask for specific dimension and capacity of reefer container. You can call us at 1-800-993-4134 or request for the quote.



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‘Reefers’ is a popular name given to the refrigerated shipping containers. We can define a reefer as a large refrigerator in which you can even take a stroll (provided that you don’t freeze). It is also called a refrigerator car or truck. Reefers contribute a lot in the international trades. Have you ever wondered how you are able to find non-seasonal fruits and vegetables? Here is your answer, the Reefers keep a sub zero temperature and the edibles (fruits and vegetables) are frozen, thus keeping them fresh and making them readily available even in the non seasons.



The companies ship these fruits, dairy products and vegetables in a Reefer which of course keeps them fresh and ultimately helps in the global trade. For every product, different temperatures can be set in a reefer. They have the tendency to maintain temperatures ranging from 0 to -10  degrees. The edible food items are kept in a reefer to ensure that they do not perish or get stale. Generally, these Reefers are specially designed to hold the refrigerating units containing perishable items. And this refrigeration technique ensures that the food does not go bad at any time.



The Reefers are not necessarily made for shipping and transporting. They can also be used for ground level storage. As talked about previously, reefers have the tendency to maintain temperatures ranging from 0 to (-10) degrees. They are available in 20’ and 40’ lengths and are usually electric powered.  They are fit for almost any business you are carrying. If you have a food manufacturing business, they are very ideal; if you are running a pharmaceutical industry, then they are a boon for you. You can also use the Reefer in a restaurant or in a grocery store, for that matter. You can purchase or even rent these units. They can be useful for you in the season as well as non season.