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KNOW HOW: Different types of Cargo Containers

There are many uses of the cargo containers like carrying the cargo on trucks, trains, ships, boats and planes etc. Many types of cargo containers are available in the market and are used for both personal and commercial purposes. Some of them are-

Standard Type Containers- They appear like large boxes of metal, generally made from steel or aluminium; suitable for transport through land, sea and rail. They are designed in a special way to withstand any type of temperature.

Hard top container- They are quite similar to the standard type containers. They are made up of sturdy material and have a very long life. They are not affected by the temperature outside and can be used to store your goods and belongings conveniently.

Refrigerated Containers- These containers are also called Reefers. They are insulated cargo containers and their temperature ranges from -10 to 75 degrees. There is no affect as such on the products inside of the reefers as it does not allow any air to pass. It is usually powered by a generator.

Steel cargo containers- For your valuable and expensive personal or trade goods, steel cargo containers solve the problem. They are very strongly constructed and totally watertight. You can freely store the goods in it without any tinge of doubt. There is no scope of any decay,humidity, rot or moisture inside these strong and sturdy Steel Containers.

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