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KNOW HOW: Buy reefer container-Important information

Want to buy Reefer containers or the refrigerated containers are the ones which store all the edible and perishable food items ?

 Reefers are very, very large refrigerated containers that are fully insulated and are designed in a way to keep the temperature inside the container from -10 to 75 degrees. Reefers are made up of strong materials and are very durable. Reefers do not allow any inside air to go out and any outside air to come inside. In this way, the temperature set by the reefers is stable always and the food items do not rot or get oxidised They are kept at a sub zero temperature(or depending upon the food product) to ensure they remain fresh when taken out of the container.

 The Reefers can also be used for ground level storage. They are not necessarily made for shipping and transporting. Do you wonder how you are able to find non-seasonal fruits and vegetables? The answer is, Reefers keep a sub zero temperature due to which the edibles (fruits and vegetables) are frozen, thus keeping them fresh and making them readily available even in the non seasons.

 As we discussed above, reefers can adjust their temperature from -10 to 75 degrees. The food inside the Refrigerated container remains fresh always. They are available in 20’ (20 ft) and 40’ (40 ft) lengths and are usually powered by a generator. In case of power failure, backup generator is also fitted along. Reefers are usefulin all the businesses. If you have a food manufacturing business, they are very ideal; if you are running a pharmaceutical industry, then they are a boon for you. You can also use the Reefer in a restaurant or in a grocery store, if you want to or you have a lot of food material. You can either rent or purchase these units. You can fill the form below and one of our executive will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements.