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KNOW HOW: The Biggest, Longest and Strongest Refrigerator-Reefer Container

Refrigerated containers are used to store fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and other perishable items. Refrigerated containers can provide a constant temperature from -10 degrees to 75 degrees depending upon the needs of the items. Their major use is in shipping and transporting food materials, dairy products and other edibles.


These containers are insulated in order to prevent the entry and exit of gases.Its gas tight nature makes it ideal for storing and transporting perishable items.


After going on long voyages, they can be used as storage containers in your homes or companies. Their temperature can be set according to your needs and they help in keeping the stuff fresh and anti-oxidised.


Reefers are powered by diesel- powered generators. Refrigeration system is of the utmost concern and that is why an extra backup generator is installed just in case the primary gen fails to operate.


The Refrigerated Containers can be very useful to you if you have a business and it is going construction or renovation. For example, you have a meat business and your shop has to be reconstructed or redesigned, you can store all the meat products in the refrigerated container, set the temperature accordingly and use it as a cold storage. Have you ever wondered how you are able to enjoy the taste of non seasonal fruits? Cold Storage is the source.


The food is kept frozen in the cold storage and does not rot. Hence, it is available in the non season. Also, it is more expensive as the availability in the market is less.


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